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RedHat 7 on VMWare

If you want to run redhat on vmware you really want to have vmware tools installed so you can for instance move the vm between physical hosts with zero downtime. This is all you need in order to set up vmware tools on RedHat 7 systems. yum -y install open-vm-tools systemctl start vmtoolsd.service systemctl enable vmtoolsd.service

VI find and replace

If you want to change all your UPPER case letters to lower case letters you can easily use vi. The command below will help you out. :%s/./\L&/ Or to do the opposit - to change all lowercase letters to uppercase letters: :%s/./\U&/

Kickstart redhat/centos from a cdrom

Many times you want to kickstart a system when you do not have a full fleged PXE boot enviroment set up. In that case it is handy that you can boot of a CDROM or a iso. What I like to do is boot the server off a ISO using ILO and then put the kickstart file on my desktop server. That way I dont have to physically visit the server.

How to install Linux on a Mac using a USB stick?

So I wanted to install linux on a mac mini that I have. They are great because they take up so little room and you can stick them so easily. The tricky part is how to make a usb stick that the mac mini will boot of. As you can see these commands are carried out on my mac laptop. Make sure you do not dd your internal hard drive. Once these steps are completed you should be able to boot off the usb stick and complete the Linux instillation.

How do I run a cron job once a month?

So cron is pretty amazing. Cron does have it’s limitations when you want to run a job only once a month. While you can run a job like the one below that runs at 16 hundred hours every Monday. 00 16 * * 1 /usr/bin/billing-job What if you only want to run the job on the first Monday of the month. Say for example you need to run your billing job every first Monday of the month.