check that syslog is working

logger is the program that you can use to send syslog messages. On solaris systems if syslog is not set up to send syslog messages remotely or set up properly then syslog will just send the “Hello World” message to /var/adm/messages. Please note that /etc/syslog.conf does not like spaces it only likes tabs, any spaces can break the config. While local3.alert is the is the message facilitie, change it based on your setup.

$ logger -p local3.alert “Hello World”

   Code    Faciltiy                                     Reference
---------  --------                 ---------

    0      kernel messages                  [RFC3164]
    1      user-level messages              [RFC3164]
    2      mail system                  [RFC3164]
    3      system daemons               [RFC3164]
    4      security/authorization messages (note 1)     [RFC3164]
    5      messages generated internally by syslogd     [RFC3164]
    6      line printer subsystem           [RFC3164]
    7      network news subsystem           [RFC3164]
    8      UUCP subsystem               [RFC3164]
    9      clock daemon (note 2)            [RFC3164]
   10      security/authorization messages (note 1)     [RFC3164]
   11      FTP daemon                   [RFC3164]
   12      NTP subsystem                [RFC3164]
   13      log audit (note 1)               [RFC3164]
   14      log alert (note 1)               [RFC3164]
   15      clock daemon (note 2)            [RFC3164]
   16      local use 0  (local0)            [RFC3164]
   17      local use 1  (local1)            [RFC3164]
   18      local use 2  (local2)            [RFC3164]
   19      local use 3  (local3)            [RFC3164]
   20      local use 4  (local4)            [RFC3164]
   21      local use 5  (local5)            [RFC3164]
   22      local use 6  (local6)            [RFC3164]
   23      local use 7  (local7)            [RFC3164]