Kickstart redhat/centos from a cdrom

Many times you want to kickstart a system when you do not have a full fleged PXE boot enviroment set up. In that case it is handy that you can boot of a CDROM or a iso.

What I like to do is boot the server off a ISO using ILO and then put the kickstart file on my desktop server. That way I dont have to physically visit the server.

If you are not fimilar with kickstart let me know and I will provide more guides. This is just a guide on how to kickstart a system after booting off the sytem from a cdrom/iso.

You can use connect to the web server that is holding the kickstart file from a networking that has access to DHCP or one that does not have access to DHCP. IF you have access to DHCP simply leave off the “ip=” and everythign after.

boot: linux ip= netmask= gateway= dns=