SDS (Solstice DiskSuite) Replacing a failed disk

  1. Detach each submirror

ex. metadetach -f d0 d20
d0: submirror d20 is detached

  1. Clear each submirror

ex. metaclear d20
d20: Concat/Stripe is cleared

  1. Delete the db replica on the failed drive (you can find the replica output by issuing metadb command with no arguments):

ex. metadb -d c0t2d0s7

  1. Remove failed drive. Replace with new drive.

  2. Run the format command and place the correct partition table, using the layout of the non-replaced drive.

  3. re-create the metadb replica on the new disk

ex. metadb -a c0t2d0s7

  1. Run metainit for each replaced submirror

ex. metainit d21 1 1 c0t2d0s1
d21: Concat/Stripe is setup

  1. Run metattach for each submirror

ex. metattach d0 d20
d0: submirror d20 is attached

ex. metattach d1 d21
d1: submirror d21 is attached